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Our networking support can be for devices or the infrastructure of your network whether it be for wired or wireless networks. JADCOM UK has been supporting networks for many of it's customers for a number of years which has enabled us to demonstrate the versatile and comprehensive service we provide.

Our experience of wireless networks has gained us a reputation for conquering the most difficult of situations with the following being some examples:

  • Supplying & Installing wireless connectivity in a Castle
  • Supplying & installing wireless solutions to caravan sites to give complete coverage
  • Fitting wireless solutions to Hotels
  • Installing a wireless solution in a country estate to give extensive coverage

This is just a small sample of what we have achieved.

So if you need a wired/wireless network put together, VPN, server setup or just a router configured then call us.

Key Benefits

  • We can show you how to get the most out of your network
  • We can tailor configure a network to your needs
  • Advise on wired or wireless connectivity
  • We can save you money on bad configuration of your network


Last modified: 08/14/15